eSolvia is a security company with more than 20 years experience on the European market. Our offices are in Hong Kong, Romania and Sweden. Our costumer`s are different organizations within the Government and different authorities. With our international contacts we can always offer the latest in security technology, anything from small security products to bigger security solutions.

Today’s circumstances are forcing us to increase our security consciousness. It is imperative to minimize risks and to gain control of our life. Both private and business actors are investing in protecting their families and values. We take our services seriously, quality and reliability is imperative since we specialize in security issues. For that reason we offer a high range of quality products from security products for home to surveillance/ counter surveillance products for government and authorities.

eSolvia is committed to offering solutions that resolve the issues our customers face everyday. We believe this requires an organization committed to providing a wide range of service solutions designed to meet your needs across the mechanical access, electronic access, CCTV surveillance, and automatic personal security product groups.